The Purpose Built Organic Tannery

With the challenges in the farming industry at present there is a lost revenue stream for both smallholders and farmers as their animal skins are sold on from the slaughterhouse.

…over 95% of animal skins in the UK are being shipped overseas to be treated chemically in uncontrolled environmental conditions…

The products created from the process overseas can result in many harmful chemicals entering into the final product – this can be easily identified by the white colour on the back of the rug.

Sheepskin rugs
Sheepskin rugs

The Chemical Free Tannery

We have therefore created the purpose built Organic Tannery on our smallholding in South West Wales to satisfy the need to treat the skins in the UK, reducing the impact of the products travelling thousands of miles and eliminating the need to use any harmful chemicals in the process.
We only use vegetable based tannins which are friendly to people, babies and other animals
This process takes time and experience and is a slower process than chemical and chrome processes. The Organic Certification body will not accept bleaches to whiten the fleece or any chemicals to speed up the process.