Please get in touch with any enquiries. As we are often busy in the tannery the best method of contact is by email.

Tel: 07966 470421

By sending a skin to be tanned or buying a rug from us you hereby agree to the following Terms and Conditions;

We will endeavour to do our best to get any stock marker out of any fleece but as we are unable to use harsh chemicals, solvents or bleaches not all attempts will be 100% effective – if in doubt please don’t send in skins that have been sprayed with marker.

The tanning process uses sharp blades and tools – where we will undertake all attempts not to damage your skins accidental damage may occur and we hold no responsibility for any damage to skins. Skins will be assessed on the day that they are put into the process.

Due to our tanning process not using chromium or bleach the finished rugs will never be bright white in colour, and due to there being a possible amount of residual lanolin being left in the sheep fleece they may gradually turn a golden or peachy colour over time when exposed to UV light, e.g. in bright sunlight by a window.

Please note due to the leather on the back of our skins not being treated with oils or balms they may dry out if placed onto or near to a direct heat source, for e.g. underfloor heating.

When sending us skins to us to be tanned it is your responsibility to ensure that all of the skins have been salted and stored correctly in line with the instructions on our website.

We reserve the right to reject any skins that are sent to us that are not suitable for tanning where they have not been salted sufficiently, or at all, will be returned to you for disposal at your own cost.

All skins are the property of Welsh Organic Tannery until paid for in full.  If skins are not paid for within 30 days of notification of completion they become the property of The Welsh Organic Tannery.

We reserve the right to charge more for receiving skins that are excessively dirty or fleece that is full of vegetation.

All skins will be given a unique identifier and will be tracked through the process.

Skins sent from an Organic flock or herd will be marked Organic, those from a non organic flock or herd will be marked as Natural.

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